20 Poker Dos and Donts

Here are some poker dos and donts that you may find useful. Again, these are targeted to the beginner, intermediate and casual player, though some can apply to advanced players as well.

I plan on elaborating on most of these in future blog posts.

1. Don’t over value one pair
2. Don’t bluff too much
3. Don’t play weak hands from weak positions
4. Don’t look at your cards until it’s your turn to act
5. Don’t limp pre-flop if you’re first to put money into the pot
6. Don’t get cute like calling a limp pre-flop with AA. This will almost always end in disaster.
7. Don’t be maniacally aggressive until you are seasoned and know how to handle all situations
8. Don’t think that what you see on ESPN is the right way to play poker
9. Don’t bet medium-strength hands OOP on the river
10. Don’t raise pre-flop based on your hand strength but on position instead

1. Do be aware of your table image and know how to exploit it
2. Do play big pots with strong hands and small pots with weak hands
3. Do pay attention to how your opponents are betting in certain situations
4. Do make mental notes of your hands and try to figure out how you could have played it better
5. Do know the basics of odds and pot odds
6. Do keep your raises and bets consistent in hands
7. Do ask yourself every time before you bet, “what is the chance I have the best hand” and act accordingly
8. Do learn how to semi-bluff and when it’s appropriate to do so
9. Do pay attention to board texture when considering betting/calling/raising
10. Do take full advantage of strong position and weaker players


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