NL2 – A Discovery

Playing at NL2 lately has been quite a change for me. The adjustment period has been, well, strange, I guess would be the optimal word.

The level of play between NL2 and NL50 is quite different and I’ve had to severly adjust my style of play to accomodate the change.

There is one thing that I’ve learned at this level and that’s most of the people playing at this level 3-bet way too light and will call 4-bets with much worse than what I’m holding.

So, with this discovery, if I raise pre-flop with AA, KK, AKs, AKo (and sometimes AQs or QQ, depending on the player), and I get 3-bet, I’m just going to 4-bet shove.


Most of the time, I’m going to get called with much worse.

Obviously, like with anything in poker, this isn’t always going to work. Sometimes I’ll do this with my KK and they’ll turn up with AA. It happens.

But, for the most part, and, again, depending on the player, I’ll 4-bet shove my premium hands in NL2 all day and will almost always come out profitable.


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2 Responses to NL2 – A Discovery

  1. AltronIV says:

    I’m grinding my way up from NL 2. Right now I’m playing a mix of NL2 and NL5 while trying to stay within the constraints of my bankroll. You are absolutely right about the calling range of your opponents when you 4 bet/shove. I have typically been playing 6-max double stacked NL2 (1c-2c with $4 max buy-in, is that NL4?) and am consistently amazed at the hands that I see people call off their stack with. As a result I’m playing 40-60% of my hands overall, mostly due to playing a really wide range in position, and showing a consistent profit over the past month or two. I used to play much tighter at this level and didn’t show the same returns. Of course, when playing this loose you’ve got to be careful about what hands you play a big pot with. You can win lots of small pots, but you’re going to have to fold a lot when you hit a pair and encounter resistance. I try to be sure that when I’m playing a big pot and I’m playing this loose that I’ve got 2 pair or better, or a big (14+ out) draw, and not just calling someone down with my single pair and hoping that their bluffing.

    • gothooks says:

      No, I think that would still be NL2. It’s based off the blind level, not the buy-in.

      Playing loose is fine as long as you’re aware of the things you’ve mentioned in your comments. Many aren’t and it’s a huge leak. I would caution anyone to play 40-60% of their hands, but if it works for you, then great! You’ll have to adjust, however, when you get to NL25 and NL50.

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