Poker Terms

Some Poker Terms/Abbreviations You Should Know
I use these a lot in my tweets and posts, so you should know what they mean!

  • AhKs – Ace of Hearts, King of Spades
  • AKo – Ace King off suit
  • AKs – Ace King suited
  • ATC – Any Two Cards
  • BB – Big Blind
  • Button – The dealer
  • CBet – Continuation Bet
  • CO – Cut Off (the position before the button)
  • CR – Check Raise
  • Donk (off) – A bad player or a stupid move that costs you chips
  • EV – Expected Value
  • Flop – The first three community cards
  • Limp – To bet or call the minimum bet pre-flop
  • OOP – Out of Position
  • Pocket – Your two down cards
  • Pot Odds – The odds any given pot is giving you
  • Rainbow – A flop with 3 different suits
  • River – The fifth community card
  • SB – Small Blind
  • STR – Straight
  • Table Image – How others at the table perceive you and your style of play
  • Turn – The fourth community card
  • UTG – Under the Gun (first to act pre-flop)

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